Anti-Semitic migrants could be kicked out of Germany

The German Interior Ministry has suggested it could back a proposal which would see antisemitic migrants have their residency rights revoked.

The plan, put forward by the Central Council of Jews, called on the government to do more to tackle antisemitism.

The group’s chairman, Josef Schuster, told German media that fines and reprimands were not enough and that “those who knowingly and repeatedly violate our societal consensus should forfeit their right to stay”.

Deputy Interior Minister Stephan Mayer said the department “emphatically supports” the proposal and that  “as a last resort, we should take away people’s right to stay in Germany if they have committed an offence motivated by Antisemitism”.

In January, Schuster said that anti-Semitic attacks have become part of everyday life in Merkel’s Germany.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “we can no longer speak of individual cases of verbal attacks…It is part of everyday Jewish life…Jewish pupils are under police protection and we are increasingly reluctant to make ourselves known as Jews in public.”

In December, a radio station in the city of Bochum broadcast a message from the Jewish Community centre, advising their members not to wear the kippah or other Jewish symbols in public because it makes them more likely to be attacked by Turkish and Arab migrants.

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This is completely unacceptable. European governments must deal with rising antisemitism.