Anti-No Deal MP facing deselection bid

The anti-No Deal MP Nick Boles is facing a deselection bid following his decision to come out against leaving the EU without an agreement.

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There was huge anger from his Conservative Association in December over his stance when he pledged to resign the Conservative whip in opposition to a No Deal Brexit.

Boles’ Association Chairman has since said that over 100 members have written to him, with “over 99%” now wanting the MP to be deselected. The letter was revealed by Alex Wickham of BuzzFeed News.

The mainstream Conservative view is now in favour of a No Deal Brexit. 64% of Tory members prefer WTO terms to Theresa May’s deal. Rochester and Strood Conservative Association came out 76% in favour of No Deal.

Tory MPs who seek to block No Deal are hopelessly out of touch.

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