Anti-No Deal Hammond facing backlash from pro-Brexit Tories

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond is said to be facing a backlash from local Conservatives in his constituency of Runnymede and Weybridge.

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It comes after he publicly blasted the increasingly popular option of a No Deal Brexit on WTO terms.

Hammond has repeatedly criticised the prospect of exiting the EU without a deal, recently arguing that: “No Deal is a far cry from the highly optimistic vision presented by the Leave campaign – and there is no mandate for it.”

A local Tory Councillor has hit back, telling The Telegraph that: “If I’d have been in the Prime Minister’s position, I would also say there has to be an exit day, irrespective.

“I do believe that in a negotiation you’ve got to have a deadline. To roll this thing over and over is ridiculous.”

Whilst another source linked to the local Conservative Association has been quoted as saying: “There are people in the Association…in the executive committee, who are not best pleased with some of the things that Philip has said.”

And another has said that: “There is a reasonably sized group who believe in hard Brexit and are not too chuffed with the route Philip has chosen.”

Many hardline Remainer MPs in the Tory Party have already come under significant pressure locally, with the likes of Sarah Wollaston jumping ship already.

Could the man who served as Chancellor in Theresa May’s government now face a Conservative backlash as he campaigns against a No Deal Brexit?