Anti-EU Swedish Democats polling 20% ahead of September election

A new poll from Ipsos puts the strongly Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Swedish Democrats just four points behind the ruling Social Democrats, meaning everything is to play for in the upcoming election.

According to the poll, the Social Democrats are backed by 24% of the population – who have never polled so low in an election year since Ipsos began in 1979.

The Swedish Democrats are running them close, on 20%.

Sweden’s political class have been desperately scrambling to change tact in response to the electoral threat the Swedish Democrats pose after years of soaring crime in the country, particularly from those with migrant backgrounds, leading to US President Donald Trump’s infamous ‘no-go zones’ debacle.

The Social Democrats have vowed to tighten migration rules if they win the election, following polling which put immigration at the top of the list of voters concerns.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven vowed that “Sweden will never go back to the (mass immigration) we had in autumn 2015, never. Everyone who has been denied a permit should return home”.

Other parties have said they are open to doing a deal on migration with the Swedish Democrats.

Writing for Westmonster last year, party leader Jimmie Akesson said: “The EU critical opinions are now growing increasingly stronger around Europe and we will hopefully see other countries follow in Great Britain’s footsteps in near future.

“My party is very clear, both in terms of the debate in Sweden as well as in our contacts around the world. Sweden should follow Great Britain’s example in giving our citizens the opportunity to re-examine whether the EU should be allowed to keep increasing its supranational bureaucracy, or allow democracy to be returned to our Swedish citizens.”

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Looks like it’s all still to play for. Europe is Eurosceptic.