Anti-EU Dutch 'Forum for Democracy' surge from 1.8% to third most popular party in one year

There is a remarkable anti-EU surge going on in the Netherlands, where a party that received just 1.8% of the vote in March 2017 is now the third most popular party.

The Forum for Democracy won just 2 out of 150 seats in the Dutch House of Representatives last year, but the latest poll has them on course for 16 seats, the third most of any political party.

This is an extraordinary spike in support for a party that states on their website: “It is time to stop the currency union and open borders, and then leave the EU.”

The former think tank is led by Thierry Baudet, who is scathing of the Dutch political class: “They have allowed mass immigration, diluted our sovereignty, and they have by and large all agreed on those policies, while the people by and large opposed them.

“The people never wanted this. They never signed up for a continental super state. They were never enthusiastic about mass immigration. And they have been bullied into accepting it because otherwise they would be labelled racists or xenophobes.”

After securing a foothold under a proportional representation system, the pro-Nexit party shows what can happen when you have a dynamic democracy with new entrants into the field. Europe is becoming increasingly Eurosceptic, election by election.