Anti-Brexit activist 'removed from College Green'

A shouty anti-Brexit activist has claimed to have been removed from College Green – and apparently warned that he could be done for aggravated trespass.

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Steve Bray often films himself talking to politicians as they go about their business in Westminster, and spent yesterday bellowing at Boris Johnson.

It seems that the police have now stepped in, with Bray reporting: “A policeman has removed me from College Green saying very aggressively that if I go back at any time in the next 3 months he’ll arrest me for aggravated trespass. All I want to do is show my placards. Can this be right?

“To clarify: they’ve put barriers around the Green. I simply walked past them as there is a gap/entrance. I’ve done this about 4-500 times. The threatening tone was the first ever.”

Hopefully hardline Remainers won’t have much to shout about for too much longer if a WTO Brexit is finally delivered in October.