Percy: I'm getting tired of Remoaners trying to write the terms of our exit

Brexiteer Andrew Percy has hit out at Remoaners trying to define Brexit, as MPs debate Lords amendments for a second day.

“Representing a constituency that voted almost 7-3 to Leave the EU,” the former teacher-turned MP said, “I’m getting a little bit tired of hearing people who lost the referendum try to write the terms of our exit.”

“Can I just say to him [the Solicitor General] in this debate, that he is absolutely right to be totally clear on this that it wasn’t just the issue of free movement which was of concern to my constituents who voted to Leave the European Union in such numbers and those people in the North of England who voted to Leave in such numbers.

“It is also the issue of Parliamentary sovereignty and being in control of our own laws.

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“Therefore, I’m afraid, being a rule taker has to be 100% out of the question on our exit.”