'Czech Donald Trump' wins election, right-wing Eurosceptics dominate

The Czech Donald Trump stormed to victory in the country’s legislative election, running on a right-wing, Eurosceptic message – and other anti-mass-migration parties performed well while the left basically capitulated.

Andrej Babiš, who has a net worth of $4.1bn, won 30% of the vote with his ANO party, securing 78 of the 200 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

The SPD party, which ran on an anti-EU and anti-Islam ticket, took around 11% of votes, which equates to 22 seats.

The SDP’s leader Tomio Okamura has made a referendum on Czexit his biggest demand when entering into coalition talks.

And the ODS party also did well, achieving 11.3% of the vote – the party is also Eurosceptic.

A deal will now have to be done and a government formed, but one thing is certain – left-wing, Europhile parties have taken another battering. In Europe now we’ve seen Brexit, the rise of the AfD, right-wing success in Austria and now the Czech results. That’s not to forget the total mess that is the Catalonia debacle. Hungary and Poland are also highly Eurosceptic.

The facade of the European Union is over, people have woken up and now want to put an end to dictatorial rule from Brussels and enforced mass-immigration.