Anarchists Targeting Rees-Mogg's Family Say Children Are "Fair Game"

The hard-left extremist group, Class War, who caused outrage this week after harassing Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children outside their family home have doubled down on their behaviour, saying that targeting politicians’ children is now “fair game”.

In a bizarre justification of his tactics, Ian Bone, the 71 year-old Class War founder, said: “If a politician puts his family in the frame then the family are fair game. So when Rees-Mogg got the kids out the house they’re fair game.”

Footage of the incident which occurred on Wednesday outside the Rees-Mogg family home shows Bone speaking directly to the children of the Conservative MP, telling them their “daddy is a “horrible person” and “lots of people hate him”, before interrogating the Rees-Mogg’s family nanny about her earnings.

Mr Bone refused to rule out targeting children for future publicity stunt, adding: “It worked this time, it might not work next time – but we use a variety of tactics.”

Such abhorent tactics have no place in British politics. It appears the Class War anarchist campaign group has absolutely no class whatsoever.