Alleged member of neo-Nazi group National Action admits terror plot

A man has admitted preparing acts of terrorism and making a threat to kill a police officer as he goes on trial for allegedly being a member of banned extremist group National Action.

Jack Renshaw, 23, from Lancashire, bought a 19 inch machete and was planning to use it to kill West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper as well as taking hostages and then killing a police officer.

He admits the planned attack but denies being a member of National Action.

He is one of six men on trial, they all deny being members of the designated terror group, which was outlawed after it praised the murder of Jo Cox.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said: “Renshaw’s plan had a more sophisticated dimension in that its objective was not simply to make a political point – as he put it to kill for National Action and White Jihad – but to revenge himself on those he considered to be persecuting him and trying to send him to prison for a significant period.

“Renshaw explained that, after killing Rosie Cooper MP, he would take some people hostage and would then demand of the police when they attended that DC Henderson come to the scene.

“His plan then would be to kill that officer who was, he said, his real target.”

The trial continues.