Agriculture Minister: No Deal Brexit would mean fully independent trade policy

Britain’s Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, George Eustice, has just confirmed in Parliament that a No Deal Brexit would mean that “the UK would be free to set its own trade policy unilaterally”. Which is what the British public voted for in their millions.

He was being questioned by Sir Edward Leigh, who asked: “Can the Minister confirm that under a clean, global, free trade Brexit, the United Kingdom will be able to protect farmers with tariffs just like every other country and provide more help for smaller farmers and that can we have more optimism from the government and less of Project Fear?”

Eustice came back by saying that: “I’ve always been very optimistic about the opportunities from Brexit.

“On Trade, in a No Deal Brexit the UK would be free to set its own trade policy unilaterally.

“The options open to us would be to create autonomous tariff-rate quotas or tariff-rate suspensions or indeed a lower-bound tariff on those goods where we wish to do so.

“But we would have an independent trade policy in a No Deal Brexit.”

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This is what Brexiteers want, not some half-way house never never land deal like Theresa May is proposing. No wonder the public prefer No Deal to May’s Deal.