African migrants land boat on Spanish beach in broad daylight

A boat packed full of illegal immigrants landed on a Spanish beach in front of shocked locals and tourists.

The migrants then ran ashore and evaded police.

The incident took place in Cadiz, Southern Spain – it’s believed the migrants sailed their inflatable dinghy down the Strait of Gibraltar.

It comes after hundreds of African migrants stormed the Spanish border at Cueta a few days ago:

Westmonster warned that Spain was set to become the latest route for migrants desperately trying to get into Europe. The UN said Spain should prepare for a huge surge in migrant arrivals – 11,000 are expected this year.

Judging by the scenes in the last few days, 11,000 may be an understatement. Italy and Greece were brought to their knees by mass migration brought about by the EU’s ridiculous open border policy. Sadly, it looks like Spain is going to suffer the same fate.