AfD's Bystron: Merkel's departure is long overdue

Petr Bystron a Member of the German Bundestag for the Alternative for German party (Afd) and is the party’s speaker on the Foreign Policy Committee.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Monday she would not be seeking reelection as Party Chair of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany, and would not be running for Chancellor again in 2021. This was heralded as a brave step on her part in many media. Actually, it is long overdue.

Angela Merkel should have stepped down as party chair and German Chancellor several times already. She should have stepped down the first time after Oct. 16, 2016, when a so-called ‘refugee’ from Afghanistan raped and killed 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger, the first of a series of such crimes in this once-peaceful country. Merkel’s government had promised us the “refugees” would be grateful and not criminal.

Merkel also should have stepped down after Dec. 19, 2016, when a so-called ‘refugee’ from Tunisia murdered a Polish truck driver and drove his 25-ton truck into a Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 55. Merkel’s government had promised us there could be no terrorists among the ‘refugees’.

And finally, Angela Merkel should have stepped down after her party lost 8.6% of the vote in the federal elections on Sept. 24, 2017, and her coalition partners, the Social Democrats, lost 5.2%. Then, it took her over five months to form a new government, which is already falling apart.

At the same time, the AfD gained 7.9% for a total of 12.6%, or 92 seats in the Bundestag, a party that all mainstream media and all other parties consistently defame as far-right, or even anti-Semitic or fascist. To this day, being associated with the AfD means running the risk of losing your job, your friends, or even being assaulted or having your home or your car vandalized.

I myself have been attacked on the street and had my property damaged. The Bavarian state government even sent the police to search my home and confiscated a hard drive – which only contained my children’s cartoons. Just imagine if Donald Trump would use the secret police to investigate and intimidate his political opponents during an election campaign. I sued and won all the court cases, but you won’t find that in the mainstream press today. When I fled Communism as a Czech teen in 1987 for the Free World, never would I have imagined that one day, the secret police would be after me again – this time in the West!

Just imagine what the AfD results would have been like if the whole apparatus of the state and media – and many state-funded NGOs dedicated to “fighting fascism” – had not been dedicated to making us appear toxic.

Now, a year after Merkel’s crashing defeat in the national elections, we have a sense of deja vu – again, a horrible rape has come out in Freiburg, two weeks after it happened. Up to 15 men, most of them claiming to be “Syrian asylum seekers”, drugged an innocent 18-year-old girl in a disco and gang-raped her. The young woman survived, but her life is probably over in some sense.

Again Merkel’s party and their CSU and SPD coalition partners have suffered a crashing defeat, this time in state elections in Bavaria and Hesse. Again, the TV shows are full of party hacks mouthing empty words about how they need to analyse what went wrong and refocus their message. Meanwhile, the AfD is now represented in every state parliament in Germany and is the largest opposition party in the Bundestag, and all they can think of is how to bad-mouth us.

But our voters used to be their voters. Just as the Merkel government refused to listen to the British people when they voiced their complaints about Brussels, just as they refused to listen to the Polish and Hungarian governments when they protested forced migrant quotas, just as they refused to listen to the Italians who were being left alone with a million boat people attracted by Angela Merkel’s offer of free welfare for all – they are refusing to listen to their own ex-voters, who merely want their country, their sovereignty and their safety back.

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It doesn’t matter anymore whether Angela Merkel stays or goes. As long as these entrenched parties refuse to listen to their voters, they will lose and the AfD will gain.