AFD votes for possible German exit from EU

The Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AFD) has agreed that it may campaign for an exit from the European Union unless significant changes take place.

Party delegates made the decision at the AFD’s congress on Sunday, with the party putting a possible ‘Dexit’ on the table ahead of the European Elections in May.

A draft manifesto agreed by delegates requires a reshaping of the bloc “in an appropriate timeframe” or Germany must leave, according to their draft manifesto.

The party want to see the European Parliament abolished and insist that “we see nation states as having the exclusive competence to make laws”.

Addressing Brexit directly, AFD Co-Leader Alexander Gauland said: “When the British leave the EU, they restore a geopolitical state that is more normal in the history of our continent.”

A projection by Europe Elects would see the AFD as the third biggest party in terms of MEPs in the EU Parliament.

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To see a major German party openly discuss leaving the European Union shows you just how quickly European politics is changing.