AFD MP hospitalised after 'politically motivated attack'

A Regional Chairman and MP for the Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AFD) has been viciously attacked and seriously injured in what is suspected to be a targeted attack.

Frank Magnitz has been hospitalised after an attack that was ‘politically motivated’ according to the party. They say three masked men ambushed Magnitz, attacking him with a piece of wood and kicking him in the head, the attack being stopped only when a construction worker intervened.

The police have confirmed they are treating the incident as a “politically motivated act”.

The AFD’s Leader, Jorg Meuthen, tweeted a photo of Magnitz in hospital and said: “This is Frank Magnitz, MEP of AFD. He was beaten half-dead by several attackers in Bremen earlier.

“At the moment I am so devastated that I find myself unable to comment further on this. I will speak out tomorrow on this cowardly and repugnant attack.”

In a statement, the AFD said: “Our state chairman and member of parliament Frank Magnitz was attacked on Monday by three masked men. They lurked in front of the Theater am Goetheplatz when he left the New Year’s reception of the Weser courier in the Kunsthalle. With a squared timber, they knocked him unconscious and continued to kick his head when he was already on the ground. It is thanks to the courageous intervention of a construction worker that the attackers could not complete their project and that Frank Magnitz escaped with his life. He is now seriously injured in the hospital.

“The police state protection and the prosecutor Bremen determine, since the act was politically motivated. We will closely monitor the reactions of politicians from other parties in the coming days. Not only the LEFT, but also the SPD and the Greens support the Antifa and its attacks. Is that what the other political forces want? Is that your understanding of democracy? Again and again, the AfD is the focus of left-wing attacks that are not condemned or even supported by the other parties.

“Today is a black day for democracy in Germany.”

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