A&E departments dealt with 5.53m more patient attendances in 2016/17 than in 2004

Net migration into the UK since 2004 stands at 3.5m people, A&E departments are seeing 5.53m more patients admitted per year than they were in 2004,  A&E waiting times are at record bad levels – can we all just stop pretending that this is a coincidence?

The UK population is surging and the net migration figures speak for themselves, how much longer can people ignore the fact this is surely a key factor behind NHS resources being stretched to breaking point?

In 2004, 17.83m attendances at A&E departments. But today that figure stands at 23.36m.

Between 2004 and September 2017, the UK’s net migration figure stands at 3.515m people, according to MigrationWatch UK.

Couple this with the fact the Office for National Statistics said that in 2016 the UK population was at its highest ever level – 65.6m.

So, as net migration continues at a rampant pace and Britain’s population continues to surge to historically high levels, is it any wonder that A&E waiting times are going through the roof as well? How much longer can the mainstream media and politicians bury their heads in the sand and ignore this?

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It’s common sense that reducing net immigration would help curb the population surge and reduce the pressure on UK infrastructure.