Academics 'to explore controversial subjects under pseudonyms'

University academics are set to launch a journal that will allow individuals to air ‘controversial’ views anonymously, as political correctness continues to shut down open debate.

The sad move is being organised by the University of Oxford’s Jeff McMahan, among others. He told the BBC: “It would enable people whose ideas might get them in trouble either with the left or with the right or with their own University administration, to publish under a pseudonym.”

In a sad state of affairs, he admits that: “The need for more open discussion is really very acute. There’s greater inhibition on University campuses about taking certain positions for fear of what will happen.

“The fear comes from opposition both on the left and the right. The threats from outside the University tend to be more from the right. The threats to free speech and academic freedom that come from within the University tend to be more from the left.”

Spiked, who review freedom of speech on Universities campuses, have ranked 62 Universities or Student Unions in the UK as having “banned and actively censored ideas on campus”.

It is deeply troubling that we now live in an age where debate has been shut down and stifled to the point that people feel they must write under a pseudonym. This is an incredibly slippery slope. Bleak.