Abbott and Corbyn: ISIS bride should be allowed back in UK

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn have now both said that they think ISIS bride Shamima Begum should be allowed back into Britain. They are seemingly willing to gamble with the safety of the public, the majority of whom do not want jihadists allowed back into the country.

Abbot told the BBC that: “She should have been brought back to this country, should have been questioned, interrogated and if necessary, put on trial.”

She insisted that “it’s not legal to render somebody stateless like that”. 65% of Brits support breaking international law to render Begum stateless so that she cannot return to Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn had earlier argued that Shamima Begum “obviously has, in my view, a right to return to Britain”. Surely she gave up that right when she decided to betray this country to support a a sadistic death cult?

More than 400 so-called ‘returning jihadists’ have been allowed back into the UK and only around 10% have been prosecuted.

We have seen horrific attacks in Britain and across Europe from Islamic extremists. Why are weak politicians willing to put the British public at risk by allowing Islamic State supporters back into the country?

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