97% of jihadi terrorists in France 'known to authorities'

A think tank has revealed a disturbing pattern when it comes to the Islamic terror attacks in France since 2012: nearly all of the perpetrators were somehow known to the authorities, with many already on terror watchlists.

Perhaps most disturbingly, they expose how: “A whopping 97% of jihadists that carried out attacks in France since 2012 were known to law enforcement.”

The disturbing research by GLOBSEC reveals that:

  • 97% of jihadists involved in the 22 terror attacks in France since 2012 were known either for radicalisation or by the police.
  • 79% were on a terror list of a European country, including 61% on France’s terror watchlist.
  • 49% had previous convictions and 19% had been found guilty of multiple offences.

One of the most disturbing examples is Cherif Chekatt, who shot 5 people dead and wounded another 11 at an attack at a Christmas Market in Strasbourg. He had been convicted 27 times, was known to security services and was on France’s terror watchlist.

The Kouachi brothers, who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attack that left 12 people dead, had been monitored for three years.

France’s terror watchlist contains around 29,000 people, of which 4,000 are regarded as the most high risk.

GLOBSEC point out that 15% of the individuals on France’s terror watchlist are foreigners, and the country should consider deporting those convicted of radicalisation.

As terror expert Olivier Guitta says: “The main issue throughout Europe is the sentencing, which is extremely lenient and also allows for terrorists/jihadists to be freed quite early for ‘good behaviour’.”

It is absolutely critical that France, the UK and countries right across Europe and the world get tougher when it comes to taking on radical Islamic terrorism.