84% of 'child migrants' in Sweden who have been age tested are actually adults

84% of ‘child migrants’ tested in Sweden were proven to be over 18, according to the country’s national Forensic Medicine Agency.

Of around 8,000 forensic checks carried out so far, 6,628 were deemed likely to be 18 or older, with a further 112 being designated as “possibly” over 18.

Examinations were carried out by a forensic anthropologist who x-rayed the individual’s wisdom teeth and takes an MRI scan of a knee joint.

Their forensic opinion on the age of the individual is then sent to the Swedish migration board to be factored into their decision on whether or not to grant asylum.

Between March and October this year, the Swedish migration board ruled that 79% of those that had claimed to be children in their asylum applications were in fact adults.

Many migrants claim to be children as they are often given priority over their adult counterparts and it is a lot harder for authorities to remove them if they claim to be under the age of 18.