8 new areas added to Swedish police 'no go zone' list

8 new districts have been added to an official list of police ‘no-go zones’, according to the Swedish DN newspaper, a large growth in less than two years.

Districts in Gothenburg, Malmö, and Stockholm, all with high migrant populations have been added to the list, taking the total to 53 areas where the police themselves say they are no longer able to maintain public order.

The report concludes that: “There exist parallel structures of society, police experience difficulties in fulfilling its mission, which is partly due to an unwillingness of the population to participate in legal proceedings, proximity to other vulnerable areas, and violent religious (i.e. ‘Islamic’) extremism is rife.”

Westmonster has previously reported on the growing problem of Islamist ‘no go zones’. Recently, two female politicians were recently forced to leave their constituencies, after being harassed by Islamists.

Stefan Sintéus, chief of Malmö police, told the newspaper the force would require at least 100 extra officers to deal with the problem.

The mainstream media attacked Donald Trump when he spoke out about these areas, Westmonster wonders how they’ll cover this latest development…