78% of Brits think May will fail to get good Brexit deal, new poll finds

A shocking new poll shows Brits have very little faith in Theresa May to gain a good Brexit deal for Britain.

The Ipsos-Mori poll is tough reading for the PM, showing 78% of the public do not have confidence in her to gain a positive outcome from the Brexit negotiations.

This is up 8 points from last month, with those having confidence in May falling by 9 points to just 19%.

By comparison, the same polling firm found in March 2017 that 44% backed her and 51% were not confident.

The most shocking change is with Conservative voters who this time last year 66% believed in May to get a good deal from Brussels, now 64% are not confident in their Party Leader.

The damming poll comes after Tory MPs came out today calling on May to resign, with both Andrea Jenkyns and Andrew Bridgen saying it’s time for her to go.

The PM has lost the faith of her party and the country. Now she should step aside in the national interest.