75% of Leave voters against delaying Brexit beyond 29th March, poll finds

A new YouGov poll shows the huge level of opposition from particularly Leave and Conservative voters to Brexit being delayed beyond 29th March. Are MPs listening or do they just not give a damn anymore?

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YouGov asked: “Britain is currently due to leave the European Union on the 29th March. MPs will tonight vote on whether or not Brexit should be delayed until after the 29th March. Do you think MPs should vote…”

75% of Leave voters are against a delay, with just 12% in favour. A huge 72% of Conservative voters are against a delay beyond 29th March as well.

Overall, more Brits are against a delay beyond the Article 50 deadline of 29th March (43%) than are in favour (38%). The country does not want to see the can kicked down the road by spineless politicians.

If there is a delay then 47% of those asked want it to be a short one of a few weeks or months, compared to just a third of voters who support a “significantly longer delay” of many months or a year.

Yet after the shocking behaviour of hardline Remainer MPs in Parliament last night who ignored increasing public support for a WTO Brexit and chose to vote against against No Deal, it appears many are now hell-bent on delaying and overturning the referendum result completely.

Deal or No Deal, the UK should be leaving on 29th March 2019, as promised.

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