75% of French dissatisfied with Macron government

An astonishing three-quarters of French voters are currently unhappy with Emmanuel Macron’s administration.

Despite seeking to paint himself as a saviour and figurehead of the European Union, Macron has seen his personal disapproval ratings surge up to an eye-watering 76%.

And now the latest poll for Odoxa and Dentsu Consulting, which surveyed 1,004 French citizens on 2nd – 3rd January, reveals that only 25% are happy with the government, with 75% dissatisfied.

That compares to April 2018, when 59% said they were unhappy meaning dissatisfaction has surged by 16 points.

Meanwhile 55% say that the anti-government ‘Yellow Vest’ protests, that have sprung up across France, should carry on.

It paints a bleak picture for Macron’s popularity. The man pushing for a full EU Army and deeper Eurozone integration should perhaps consider getting his own house in order…