75% of Brits think UK will leave EU, most believe another country will hold referendum

The vast majority of British voters do expect the government to deliver Brexit this year, according to new polling from Ipsos MORI.

Their predictions for 2019 questions have revealed that 75% of the public regard the UK leaving the EU as now ‘very likely’ or ‘fairly likely’. Only 4% regard an EU exit as ‘very unlikely’.

Meanwhile 58% believe another country will hold a referendum on leaving the EU as well. 72% believe a UK General Election is likely.

There is some scepticism as well as the New Year kicks off, with 68% of believe thinking it is unlikely that society will become less divided over Brexit. MPs must deliver a clean Brexit and allow the country to move on together, once and for all.

Other predictions include a belief by a majority of voters that the pound will drop below the value of the Euro and that a top UK company will move its HQ out of the country because of Brexit. Project Fear scare stories are clearly having some effect.

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The country needs clear leadership to deliver Brexit. Sadly Theresa May’s deal simply doesn’t deliver. A No Deal Brexit would mean taking back control and allow things to move on.