70% back No Deal Brexit in Sunderland poll

As the Westminster, mainstream media echo chamber does its best to dismiss a No Deal Brexit, the people of the country clearly think different ahead of today’s vote on Theresa May’s EU deal.

Sunderland was one of the iconic results of the 2016 referendum night, with just over 61% of voters in the area backing Brexit a sign of things to come.

Of course since then, some have sought to claim that support for leaving the European Union has diminished. The usual suspects have second-guessed the people and even worked to overturn the referendum result, including both Labour and Tory MPs with help from the LibDems and SNP.

But the Sunderland Echo are the latest to illustrate there is significant public support for exiting the EU without a deal. They asked their readers: “Should Brexit proceed without a deal with the EU?”

Despite the area being dominated by pro-Remain Labour MPs, 70% of the 1,300 Sunderland Echo readers who cast their vote back leaving the EU, even without a deal.

As they splashed on their front page on Monday: “70% say they want No Deal Brexit in our reader poll”.

Of course this wasn’t a scientific poll but it is a rough barometer of where public opinion is. Despite Project Fear and a bombardment of scare stories surrounding a No Deal, WTO Brexit, the British public are standing firm.

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As MPs likely reject May’s deal in Parliament today, politicians should all take serious stock of events. Voters were promised that under Article 50, which MPs voted to trigger, the UK would leave the EU on 29th March 2019. That must happen, that must be delivered. Deal or No Deal.