68% of Tory activists want No Deal or Canada-style, survey finds

Whilst the government now appear hell-bent on pushing through a bad deal, for Conservative activists No Deal is still better than a bad deal.

A ConservativeHome survey of Tory activists found that No Deal is now the most supported Brexit outcome at just over 34%, with a Canada-style deal backed by just under 34%.

So collectively, 68% of Conservative activists want the government to pursue a SuperCanada deal, or leave with No Deal at all.

That compares to the pathetically small 14% who back Theresa May’s deal and a further 8% who back a Norway-style open borders sell-out.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 89% are also against a second referendum. Any move towards that from a Tory Prime Minister and it would be curtains.

You would hope the above numbers would be a wake-up call. But with the current PM in place, that is unlikely.

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