63% of Germans think migrant integration hasn't worked, 73% in Sweden

The integration of immigrants has been overwhelmingly unsuccessful in key EU nations, according to a survey by the European Commission.

In Germany, only 31% of people think integration has gone well, 63% think it’s unsuccessful.

And in Sweden it’s even worse – 24% think it’s gone well, a whopping 73% think it’s gone badly.

In France, which is currently being led by Mr EU himself, Emmanuel Macron, 64% of people think immigration has been unsuccessful.

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And in Italy as well, people don’t think integration has been successful, 63% to be exact.

Britain’s slightly more on board with the integration of immigrants, but 36% of people still don’t think it’s worked, which is a significant number.

This surely is a hammer blow for the EU project and their mass, open door migration ideology. The public have seen the reality of it and simply aren’t on board with it. Is it any wonder we’re seeing Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration parties surging in support across the continent?