62% reject limiting UK global trade for EU deal

Last night’s Channel 4 Brexit debate was a bit of a joke. Nigel Farage was the only Leave-voting panellist, there was a clearly Remain audience, and guess what, apparently the country is now 54% in favour of staying inside the European Union. So far, so predictable.

There was one particularly interesting Survation poll result though, relevant because of the rumours of Theresa May’s willingness to keep the UK locked inside the EU Customs Union.

When asked if the UK should agree on limitations on the UK’s ability to make trade deals with countries outside of the European Union, a big majority (62%) are against such a concession. Less than a third (19%) agree with sacrificing global deals for one with the EU.

There is now talk of remaining in the Customs Union – which means no trade deals can come into effect – until we reach the 2020s, possibly forever. That would be a hugely unpopular move by the government.

The country clearly wants the government to deliver a swift exit from the Customs Union and get on with delivering those global trade deals. Ministers take note…