60% of young adults support Thatcher's polices, new poll finds

A new poll has found that Brits aged 25-34 were the most supportive age group of Thatcher’s ideas with 60% agreeing with her policies.

The BMG poll asked respondents how much they agreed with statements such as: “Margaret Thatcher was right to sell council houses to tenants”, “Margaret Thatcher only looked after the interests of the rich” and “Margaret Thatcher was right to take on trade unions.”

The survey found young people supported her policies of less tax, lower regulation, and lessened trade union power.

Just 40-50% of over 35s supported the same Thatcher policies, representing a major difference between young and older voters.

However, older voters were more likely to support the first female PM’s ideas on law and order compared to younger Brits, with 54-61% of over 35s supporting these compared to 47% of young people.

The mainstream narrative that all young people are left-wing is being challenged. Corbynistas won’t like this poll!