60% of voters believe May should resign if deal defeated again

A large majority of the public believe that Theresa May should resign if her EU deal is voted down by Parliament for a third time. With the DUP and Tory Brexiteer MPs holding firm, that third rejection may well happen tomorrow.

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Sky Data have found a hefty 60% of Brits believe May should quit if her deal is voted down, with only 33% of Brits believing she should stay.

May has pledged to step aside if her deal somehow gets through, though fewer (48%) believe she should resign in that scenario compared to 42% who think she should stay.

The same poll shows that Boris Johnson has more than double the public support of any other Tory contender to take over. He’s backed by 20% of the public compared to Michael Gove, Sajid Javid and Michael Gove who are all on 8%.

The Prime Minister currently only plans to leave if her deal is accepted. As far as the British people are concerned if her deal is rejected again, it will be time for her to leave Downing Street. The UK was due to exit the European Union tomorrow, something May promised and then completely failed to deliver.

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