60% of Leave voters now backing the Brexit Party, YouGov find

The majority of Conservative and Leave voters are now planning to vote for the Brexit Party at the European Elections, according to YouGov’s latest poll.

Westmonster reported earlier about the headline polling figures that showed Nigel Farage’s Brexit outfit now have a 9-point lead over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, with the Conservatives in a distant third.

Broken down, YouGov’s figures reveal that a whopping 60% of Leave voters are now planning to vote for the new Brexit Party on 23rd May. That compares to 14% who are planning to vote Tory another 7% still backing UKIP.

The party is polling a huge 37% in the South of England outside of London.

52% of Conservative 2017 voters are planning to vote Brexit, as are 11% of Labour voters.

With the Westminster establishment having failed to deliver the proper Brexit that the British people voted for, the electoral backlash is only growing.