60% of Leave voters don't think May deal honours referendum result

A majority of Leave voters still do not believe that Theresa May’s deal honours the 2016 referendum result. In fact, very few actually do.

In what should be disturbing numbers for Conservative MPs and the entire political class to digest, a new Lord Ashcroft poll shows that just 19% of the country as a whole and a pitiful 14% of Leave voters believe that the proposed deal holds true to what people voted for.

By contrast, a massive 60% of Leave voters don’t think May’s deal delivers a proper Brexit, including 46% of the country overall.

Conservative voters, like the rest of the country, simply aren’t convinced by Theresa May’s deal. 53% of them reject it as honouring the referendum, including a massive 63% of Tory Leavers.

The great danger for the Tory Party moving forward is that they are seen to have failed to deliver what the country and many of their own supporters wanted to see implemented.

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