60% of Conservative voters back No Deal if EU won't renegotiate

There is further evidence that those who support Theresa May’s party strongly back walking away from the European Union without a deal if Brussels continue to take their current hardline stance.

A new Survation poll for the Daily Mail reveals that a whopping 60% of Conservative voters want the UK to leave the European Union without a deal if the EU refuse to change the deal on offer.

This follows on from another poll earlier this month that showed 64% of Tory members prefer a No Deal to the deal May brought back from Brussels.

When it comes to voters overall, 41% are in favour of leaving with No Deal compared to 44% who are against. Considering the wave of Project Fear and a reluctance still of many politicians to promote the benefits of walking away without a deal, those numbers are quite telling.

Interestingly when asked, the British public now think No Deal is the most likely outcome, with 36% of those asked predicting such an outcome compared to 25% who think the backstop will be binned and a further 20% who predict the Prime Minister will be lumbered with her current deal.

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Outside of the bubble there is significant public support for leaving the EU with No Deal. The British government must stand firm and be prepared to walk away.