51 local groups in Molenbeek linked to terrorism

A shocking new report out of Molenbeek has concluded that at least 51 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have links to radicalisation and terrorism. 

The report was part of a €39m plan to “clean up” the town, notorious for its reputation as a ‘no go zone’. The operation saw more than 200 police officers monitor over 6,000 people.

Their work has uncovered 72 terror suspects, 26 of whom are now believed to be in Syria, 20 are in prison and the rest are being monitored closely by the authorities.

Federal Minister of Security, Jan Jambon, said: “We want to tackle the hotbeds of extremism. All must go hand in hand with efforts to win the hearts of young people”.

Molenbeek’s reputation as a hotbed for extremism seems to be extremely well justified.