£50,000 raised for Baby Khan balloon, 'Make London Safe Again' demo planned

More than £50,000 has now been raised by a campaign to fly a ‘Baby Khan’ balloon in protest against London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The huge reaction has seen plans put forward for a ‘Make London Safe Again’ demo that will see the balloon go up in August.

Organiser Yanny Bruere promises that it will be “YUUUGE”.

It comes as London Assembly Member Peter Whittle has called Khan out for allowing an anti-Trump balloon in Westminster, writing for Westmonster: “No doubt the President will shrug off the protests today by the usual bunch of malcontents. But as spokesman for our capital city, Mayor Sadiq Khan has hugely damaged good relations with our ally by tacitly encouraging these demonstrations and allowing that infantile, puerile blimp to be flown in the heart of Westminster.”

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Interesting to see how little media coverage this has received compared to the anti-Trump whingers.