50 Conservative MPs now back anti-Chequers campaign

More Tory MPs have given their support to the ‘Stand Up 4 Brexit’ campaign, with 50 Conservatives now pledging to oppose Chequers and vote against it in Parliament.

Boris Johnson recently became the 44th MP on the Tory benches to publicly back the campaign, describing Theresa May’s plan as “a fraud on those who voted to Leave”.

Yesterday a flurry of MPs were revealed to be publicly committed to oppose Chequers. They are: Philip Hollobone, Laurence Robertson, Pauline Latham, Bill Wiggin, Sir Christopher Chope and Sir Edward Leigh.

That now means the campaign, which makes clear the UK must leave the Single Market, Customs Union, European Court of Justice and that ‘Chequers isn’t Brexit’ has the support of 50 MPs in Theresa May’s party.

We imagine there will be even more Conservative MPs announced as supporting the campaign as well. Day by day it becomes clearer that Theresa May’s potential deal with the EU surely can’t get through Parliament.

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Will the bunker mentality continue, or will we see radical change in approach? Time is short.