49% of Brexiteers want May to resign, 38% want her to stay

The tide has well and truly turned for Theresa May, with millions of voters now wanting the embattled Tory Leader to stand down after revealing her sell-out EU plan.

Overall, 43% of the population wish she’s just pack it in, 36% think she should remain Party Leader, but Leave voters are out in force against the PM.

What’s interesting is 49% of Leavers want May out the door, just 38% want her to stay, but when it comes to Remainers, 41% want her to stay and 38% would like her to quit – that says it all really.

Theresa The Appeaser appeals more to Remoaners than Brexiteers. Why? Well, because she’s not delivering Brexit, of course.

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The electorate will never forgive her if she doesn’t toughen up. Unless she’s replaced, the Tories will pay a big price at the polls.