44 migrants arrested after boarding Dover-bound ferry

A large group of migrants were arrested on Saturday evening after boarding a ferry that was docked in Calais, due to head to Dover.

French police arrested a total of 44 migrants, who entered a supposedly secure area and got onto the ferry by using ladders.

Regional official Jean-Philippe Vennin told AFP that around 100 migrants trying to get to Britain broke the port’s perimeter on Saturday evening, with around 50 then boarding a ferry.

Absurdly it seems only 12 were due to appear in court whilst the others were released with a warning, according to Euronews.

Correspondent Anelise Broges has claimed that the prospect of Brexit is pressuring those trying to enter the UK illegally to try now before Britain leaves the European Union.

She has said that: “Reports of what a No Deal Brexit could mean for security checks in the port area has had an impact on the plans these people make.

“They say they are very worried about not being able to reach the UK so several of them are trying to hasten that plan, trying to get to the UK as soon as possible.”

Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France region that includes Calais within it, has said: “2nd attempt to intrude in 48h. We need to strengthen our security forces on the eve of one Brexit that the smugglers use to promote their traffic. Justice must impose exemplary sanctions for those who illegally enter the ports.”

On Sunday, it was reported that another 11 migrants were detained at Ashford lorry park.

Illegal immigration is still a huge problem that requires tough action. Post-Brexit the UK must take back control and invest heavily in a Border Force fit to keep Britain safe and ensure those seeking to illegally enter the country cannot do so successfully. Those that do arrive must be deported. The UK must not go on being perceived as a soft touch.

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