40% of French voters back leaving the European Union

Brexit is likely to be the first departure of many from the European Union, hence why Brussels are currently doing all they can to preserve their crumbling Union.

Don’t believe us? Just look at what’s happening in France right now. The latest Ifop poll has support for Frexit at 40%. Not bad given that few politicians in France openly advocate exiting the EU.

One who does it pro-Frexit MEP Florian Philipott writes for Westmonster today: “Brexit is a wonderful opportunity for the United Kingdom but I think Frexit will be even better for France.

“We are suffering from the Schengen agreements and the effects of the Euro, a currency unsuited to our economy.”

When it comes to the next election, the current top choices are still Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen polling at 30% and 27% respectively.

But a head-to-head would be much closer this time, with 44% saying they would back Le Pen compared to the 34% she received in 2017.

Perhaps Macron should spend less time talking up an EU Army and slagging off Brexit. Looks like French politics is shifting rapidly under his watch.

Will you chip in and help Westmonster stand up for 17.4 million Brexiteers?