40 migrants on boats rescued in English Channel on Christmas Day

The increasingly worrying trend of illegal immigrants seeking to get to the UK via boat from France continued on Christmas Day, with forty migrants rescued in a single day.

Some are claiming to be from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, with those coming across being discovered off the Kent coast. French Maritime officials posted photos of what is going on.

As is being reported locally in Kent, the first instance saw the Border Force called at 2:40am when 8 migrants arrived in Folkestone. Other incidents occurred throughout the day including the Border Force and a lifeboat deployed at 6:50am to to help 13 migrants in a dinghy near Deal in Kent.

All 40 are now in the UK, with the children on board being dealt with by social services.

A Home Office Spokesman has said: “Border Force has intercepted a number of boats containing migrants attempting to cross the Channel overnight and this morning, and has deployed resources to deal with these incidents.

“The evidence shows there is organised criminal gang activity behind illegal migration attempts by small boats across the Channel.

“We are working closely with the French and law enforcement partners to target these gangs, who exploit vulnerable people and put lives at risk.”

Westmonster has previously covered how illegal migrants are increasingly seeking to get to the UK by boat. Of course the only way to stop this is to start sending those coming back so a strong message goes out.

When we previously asked the Home Office whether those getting to the UK were even being deported, we were only told: “We are not providing a running commentary on the incidents or the individuals involved.”

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A weak approach is going to sadly lead to this problem getting even worse.