4 in 5 babies born to foreign mothers in London hospital

4 in 5 babies delivered at one hospital in Britain were born to foreign mothers, official figures show.

Northwick Park hospital in London 4,031 out of the 5,117 newborn babies had a foreign-born mother.

There are now 25 maternity units across Britain where foreign-born mothers outnumber UK mothers.

In 2016, more than 28% of Britain’s 7,000 newborns were born to foreign mothers – that’s the highest on record.

Mass immigration has taken a monumental toll on Britain’s infrastructure, be it schools, housing stock or, in this case, hospitals.

Since 2013 alone the length of time it takes to get admitted to care has risen from 8 – 10 weeks, according to government figures.

In 2006, 97% of hospital patients at A and E were being seen by a medic within 4 hours, now that’s at 81.4%. In the first quarter of the start of the 2004/5 year, 4.5m people attended hospital, in the first quarter of 2016/17, that was 5.9m.

Alp Mehmet, from MigrationWatch UK, said last night: “To reduce these pressures we need to better manage migration.” That’s an understatement – this is madness and cannot go on.