39% of French youngsters backing Le Pen

The pro-EU establishment Financial Times have been forced to concede that 39% of 18 – 24 year old French voters are backing Marine Le Pen to become the next President of France.

That same poll has her main rivals trailing when it comes to the youth vote, with Emmanuel Macron on 21% and Francois Fillon on a mere 9%.

It reflects the increasing anger amongst young people in Europe who have paid the price of mass uncontrolled migration.

Whilst much of the media narrative in Britain and elsewhere seeks to paint the anti-EU, pro-democracy movement as being about winding the clock back, the truth is that these patriotic insurgencies are increasingly being driven by the young.

If Le Pen does defy the odds and manage get elected as President, it will be built on the back of France’s young people. At interesting future ahead.