3,000-person poll shows Leave and Remain voters united on proper Brexit

CORRECTION: BuzzFeed messed up and said the survey was of 20,000 people rather than 3,000:

New research out has shown that those across Britain, whether having voted Remain or Leave in the EU referendum, is now united behind a full, clean Brexit.

The London School of Economics and Oxford University have teamed up to conduct a survey of over 3,000 people, with BuzzFeed being given details.

What it shows is quite striking, with 67% preferring no deal to any so-called ‘soft Brexit’ and 68% support a full Brexit over a watered down version still being put forward by some Remoaners.

BuzzFeed spoke to Professor Sara Hobolt who told them: “Our results imply that Leavers are united in strongly favouring a ‘hard Brexit’ because they are generally more likely to oppose any deal that involves continued freedom of movement of people, jurisdiction of the ECJ, and a very large ‘divorce settlement’.

“In contrast, Remainers are more divided, with the majority favouring a ‘soft Brexit’, but others favouring aspects of a ‘hard Brexit’. Overall, this means that there is on aggregate higher levels of support for outcomes that resemble the ‘hard Brexit’ position put forward by the government.”

Those who still seek to slow down or even stop Brexit increasingly represent a shrinking fringe as the country unites behind ending open borders and ending the power of European Courts. Time for even Remoaners to accept that they’ve lost as the country unites behind a Brexit future.