300 migrants land on Greek island in last 24 hours

Anyone who thought the migrant crisis was over can think again – around 300 migrants have reportedly arrived by boat onto the Greek island of Lesbos TODAY.

Greek media is reporting that the migrants arrived on 8 boats and landed at different spots on the Aegean island.

This is a massive problem for the island’s Moria refugee camp, which is already apparently overcrowded with 5,300 people.

Apparently the migrants set sail from the Turkish coast – if that’s true, then it makes the billions the EU’s giving Turkey to help handle the migrant crisis look like a waste of cash…

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The migrant crisis isn’t being reported as much as it once was, but it’s still in full flow. Even after all these years, the EU hasn’t got a handle on it. They can’t back down and admit that their open border system is a liability in this situation, so the problem will only get worse.