202 Lords vote for second referendum

More than 200 Europhile Lords voted for a second referendum yesterday, as the unelected chamber increasingly loses the plot.

The Liberal Democrats’ Leader in the House of Lords, Lord Newby, put down an amendment for another vote, framed as a vote on the ‘final deal’ and though it didn’t pass, it received big backing.

4 Conservative Peers, 51 Labour and 91 Liberal Democrats backed the anti-democratic move in the latest disgrace seen in the hugely discredited unelected chamber. By contrast, only 5 Labour and 1 LibDem voted against.

It comes after the out-of-control Lords voted for a ‘wrecking amendment’ that strips power away from the government and hand it to Remoaners if MPs reject the UK-EU Brexit deal, in what could well be a set-up for a total betrayal.

The Lords have also voted to keep the UK inside the EU Customs Union so that it can’t do global trade deals and to keep the EU’s so-called ‘Charter of Fundamental Rights’.

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