£200,000 of UK taxpayers' money spent protecting Abu Qatada's welfare

Nearly £200,000 of British taxpayers’ money has been blown on ‘welfare’ charges for Abu Qatada.

The hate preaching radical Islamic cleric was deported to Jordan in 2013 to face terrorism charges.

But terms agreed by then Home Secretary Theresa May included payments ensuring the scumbag received appointments with doctors and human rights workers, according to The Times.

These so-called ‘welfare visits’ were made to ensure he was not tortured. This is a guy kicked out of the country after being deemed to be a threat to national security, described as being “at the centre in the United Kingdom of terrorist activities associated with Al-Qaeda”.

Conservative MP Andrew Percy is quoted by The Times as saying: “These payments are ridiculous. The money we have spent…is an insult to the British taxpayer.”

Time and time again now we’re seeing these absurd stories of huge amounts of taxpayers’ money being spent to protect and look after those Britain owes absolutely nothing to.

Qatada and other extremists should be kicked out of the country without further huge expense to British taxpayers who will be furious to learn of this ridiculous state of affairs.