20% of asylum applications to Europe since mid-1980s made in 2015/2016

The unprecedented scale of migration to Europe has been laid bare with analysis by the Pew Research Centre who have found that 20% of all asylum applications made to Europe since the mid-1980s were made in 2015/2016 alone.

1.3 million migrants filed asylum applications to EU nations, Norway and Switzerland in 2015. In 2016 the number was 1.2 million. This compares to the previous record-high of 700,000 in 1992.

Germany received the highest number of these 2.5 million applications for asylum in those past 2 years, with 45% filing for asylum there. Hungary and Italy both received around 8% of applications and Sweden were the next highest with 7%.

That means 1,125,000 applied for asylum in Germany in just two years, with 400,000 applying in Italy and Hungary and a further 175,000 for Sweden in a matter of years.

The mass scale of migration into Europe caused by Angela Merkel’s madness and the European Union’s sheer incompetence has been massively irresponsible and damaging. Britain voting Brexit is looking like an increasingly wise decision amid this backdrop of chaos.