2 veteran poppy sellers told to leave shopping centre for 'public safety reasons'

2 hero veterans, who served a combined 50 years were told to leave a shopping centre in Uxbridge over “public safety reasons”.

John Paul Gaughan, 59 and Vic Emery, 57 were ordered to leave the intu centre in London after the manager told them they had to leave for health and safety concerns, however, they continued to sell poppies outside.

John, who wears a poppy all year round said: “I am actually disgusted and I just could not get my head around it. I will keep volunteering for the Poppy Appeal as long as I still have breath in my lungs because I lost too many friends not to but I wouldn’t go back to intu, I won’t even shop there.

“The manager told us it was policy but the basic principle of health and safety as far as I’m concerned is a common sense approach and that was not used here.”

The Uxbridge shopping centre released an official statement saying: “We support and value the role of the Poppy Appeal, and every year we support its volunteers in raising all important funds.

“Yesterday, while the volunteers hadn’t notified us of their collection, which we kindly require all of our charity and volunteer organisations to do, we did have conversations with their team to allow them to remain in the centre, but they declined to do so.”

The General Manager Laurie Taylor said: “We have never had problems with poppy sellers before because previously they have come to speak to us first.

“For all we knew, these could have been rogue sellers even though they were wearing berets and medals.”

What a way to treat 2 heroes who served our country.