2 Bulgarians arrested for smuggling over 50 migrants into Greece

Two Bulgarian nationals have been arrested in Greece after they were caught smuggling over 50 undocumented migrants into the country, including 52 Syrians.

The men, aged 36 and 38 were today charged with human trafficking offences at a court in Rhodope, in the north of the country.

During the arrest, police recovered two vehicles, 100 Euros in cash and five mobile phones. The men were arrested on suspicion of trying to bring 52 Syrians and 2 Somalis into Europe

This is the second case this year of Bulgarians being arrested on people smuggling charges in Greece. Earlier in the year, another two men were arrested after they were caught smuggling 14 migrants in a specially adapted compartment in the roof of their truck.

The EU’s open borders would have allowed them to travel anywhere they pleased if they hadn’t have been caught. This madness surely has to end?